Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The beast stirs, but does not wake

Many months have passed, but I've not given up on telling a fuller version of the Google story.

I'm deep into researching and writing a book about my five year stint at Google and expect to reactivate this site once that book is completed. That should happen by the end of 2009. Once the book is published, other Googlers and Xooglers will be able to come to this blog to add their own recollections and anecdotes or offer differing views on the company's early days.

If you've got a Google story to tell and would like to see it included in the dead tree version of the Google history, please drop me an email and we can talk. Otherwise, please stay tuned for more news in the coming months.


English Skype Teacher said...

So.. This blog's been put on hold?
What do you mean by "Googlers", "Xooglers", etc??

Doug said...

I did put the blog on hold while I was working on my book about the early days of Google. Now that the book is finished, I'll begin posting here again, though it may be a few more weeks, before I'm ready to do that.

A "Googler" is someone who works for Google.
A "Xoogler" is an ex-Googler, who is no longer at the company.
A "Noogler" is a new Googler.

I coined Noogler and Xoogler, but there were plenty of variations, including "Jewgler" for Jewish employees and "Gaygler" for gay staff members. Some gay employees preferred the term "Queeries" -- a play on the word "queries," our term for the words entered into the Google search box, but I don't think that ever caught on.